LTIWET is the Water Enhancement Technology with many benefits

LTI was founded to make a revolution for water treatment technology which are filled with chemicals and complicated mechanism. We have developed a simple and environmentally solution to enhance the essence of water, i.e. Water Enhancement Technology. Our Water Enhancement Technology is based upon the traditional art of pottery and the beautiful nature in Japan which can lead us to more comfortable and healthy life. It would be our great pleasure that many people in the world could benefit from our unique Water Enhancement Technology.

Kenji Nishijima, President & CEO, LTIWET

What is LTIWET?

LTI Water Enhancement Technology (LTIWET) is the technology which can change the structure of water enhancing its function and can benefit the living on the globe. LTIWET can be applied to any type of water including city water, well water, river and lake water, and even sea water.

LTIWET simply requires the constant agitation of the fixed amount of the specific ceramic beads made from 100% natural ores located in a limited area of Japan and the high standard of the stainless steel unit.

How it works?

LTI Ceramic Beads of which ingredients are only available from the particular natural ore located in a limited area of Japan agitate in a tube or chamber constantly at the fixed speed.  This constant agitation of LTI Ceramic Beads in a tube or chamber could positively charges water thereby changing the water’s molecular structure and releasing the water’s hydrogen atoms. This alteration of the water molecules provides many benefits including reduced surface tension of the water enabling our converted water to more easily enter the cells of humans, plants and animals.

What our customers are saying?

Prior to the use of LTIWET water, my crop was salt and nitrogen burnt with sparse development. The use of LTIWET Water has reduced the nitrate and sodium levels to significantly more manageable ranges and the proof is evident in the health of my crop. I highly recommend the LTIWET Unit to the Dairymen and Farmers […]

Carl Souza, Owner, White River Dairy, Stratford, CA

In my nearly 25 years as a consulting agronomist, I have never seen one product that affects so many areas of the growing process. The conclusions are a demonstration of its benefits to soil development, reduction of chemical input, improved plant health, higher yields, more efficient water use and, therefore, lower costs and higher ROI. […]

Paraiso Organics Inc., Sugar Loaf Canyon

LTIWET Applications

Agriculture: LTIWET promotes use of less water (35~50% less), less fertiliser (40~60% less), less pesticide (60~80% less) and results in greater harvest (15~30% up ), greater sugar concentration (15~20% up ) and soil remediation (increase of major fertiliser elements like phosphorus and potassium.

Livestock: LTIWET water significantly reduces the use of antibiotics and help in weight gain in livestock including chicken, duck, pig, hog and cattle. It significantly reduces the mortality rate (e.g. from 18% to 3% in the case of ducks) and shortens the cycle of growth (e.g. from 40 days to 32 days in the case of the duck).

Medical: It is fully proven that LTIWET can have significant effects on the dialysis equipment where the longevity of RO membrane can be greatly extended and can save patients from having any toxic materials which could be generated from the dialysis equipment when RO membrane is used.

Industrial: LTIWET can remove scale or slime in water very efficiently so that it can save the cost of chemicals to clean up the cooling tower. The use of LTIWET can also extend the longevity of the pipes since LTIWET can remove scale and slime, and can restrain rust from building up.