Industrial Use

CAR WASHES: LTIWET maintains car wash equipment in good condition and helps it achieve significant savings in detergent additives. The scale does not adhere to water piping or other equipment.  Furthermore, LTIWET can dissolve the clogging which usually occurs in car wash nozzles.

PRINTING: LTIWET, if installed in printing plants, can eliminate the need for chemical solution by producing cleaner water and reducing surface tension thus promoting more effective combining of ink and water on paper. Image quality can be improved while generating savings in chemical costs. Equipment life can also be extended with LTIWET producing savings on maintenance and equipment replacement costs.

PAINTING: Application of LTIWET shows substance positive results in painting operations. LTI special properties produce a reduction in the water’s surface tension, which protects it from polluting substances, thus improving painting results.

COOLING TOWER: LTIWET protects cooling tower installations from adherence of scale, slime and sludge. Cooling fans, piping systems and heat exchangers remain free of harmful scale. The result is the reduction in maintenance costs and elimination of chemical agents. As well, both high energy consumption rates in condensers are reduced. Scale and rust in heat exchangers are reduced and, as a result, maximum heat efficiency can be achieved. Of course, the incidence and growth of detrimental bacteria including legionella can be dramatically reduced.

CONCRETE MIXING: LTIWET can reduce significantly the amount of water required for concrete mixing and the chemicals which are required to increase hardness of concrete.