Ecological Use

HOUSEHOLD: Domestic use of LTIWET provides significant improvement in the quality of water used in everyday housekeeping activities, removing the hardness of water and adding anti-oxidant and anti-microbial effects.   LTIWET also maintains and optimizes the efficiency of boiling and heating equipment.  In addition, LTIWET can add water the significant detergent effects with much less chemical detergent.

SWIMMING POOLS: The amount of chlorine added to the water of pools and baths can be greatly reduced by the use of LTIWET.   In operation, the pools equipped with LTIWET show the following results:

  1. Efficient control of chlorine input volume
  2. Reduced chlorine damage on the human body and swimwear
  3. Prevention of pipe corrosion by chlorine
  4. Excellent water cleaning
  5. Elimination of chlorine odor

AGRICULTURE: Plant growth depends greatly on water and soil quality (mineral balance), light and temperature. Experience in applying LTIWET in agriculture shows the following results:

  1. Better absorption of water due to the different shape of the calcium carbonate crystals which cannot be adhered to each other
  2. Solid extension and growth of roots into the soil
  3. Thicker, longer and stronger stems 
  4. Brighter colors and clean leaves of flowers and plants due to surface tension cleaning effect
  5. Increased yields in production of crops
  6. No disinfection of the soil needed
  7. Shorter growing period from seeding to harvesting
  8. Great reduction of the common disease and the use of pesticide

LIVESTOCK: LTIWET can provide the significant effects on the livestock industry including significantly reducing the mortality rate (from 18.5% to 5.3% in duck ranches) and improving the growth rate with less feed.