Civil Use

FOOD: LTIWET has proven its effectiveness in preserving the purity and fragrance of fruits and vegetables. In the household, daily cooking, coffee, tea and beverage show improved taste and quality.  LTIWET in the kitchen improves home water quality while preventing or removing scale and slime from sinks and drain-pipes. In addition, the LTIWET controls the generation of micro-organisms which can cause bad odors.

LAUNDRIES: LTIWET provides an extra-softening effect on all kinds of clothes, making dirt and stains easier to be removed.  The special properties of LTIWET  allow a considerable reduction in the quantity of washing detergent normally used.

HOSPITALS: The use of LTIWET in hospitals and public or private clinics guarantees the elimination of scale in piping systems and protects such installations against unpleasant odors in order to maintain toilet facilities at the highest possible standard. It also controls the generation of micro-organisms which can produce bad odors.

DIALYSIS FILTER EQUIPMENT: LTIWET can contribute to much less contamination of RO Module and it is highly expected that LTI Water Activator will enhance the longevity of RO Module. It can be effective in keeping the dialysate solution clean and cost reduction for the dialysis operation since RO Membrane seldom  requires replacement.

DENTAL SURGERY: LTIWET has achieved outstanding results in this sector. Dental surgery equipment, such as the turbine tubing, ultrasonic scales and magnetic valves are very sensitive to scale generated by ordinary tap water. Conventional maintenance is insufficient to correct this problem. Dental equipment is not only affected by scale formation but stains, slime and unwanted odors formed by the presence of bacteria created by the decomposition of organic matter present in different areas such as the spittoon used for rinsing. Warming water, the gypsum trap and the clogging of the sink can also create unwanted effects. It prevents scale formation in dental equipment increasing its longevity.

TRAINS, AEROPLANES and SHIPS: Slime and urinary calculus adhering to tanks and drainpipes of toilets and lavatories of trains, airplane and ships, can be prevented or removed by LTIWET.  After the installation of LTIWET, cleaning becomes easier and the majority of bad odors are eliminated.  LTIWET prevents water pipes and tanks from rust formation and removes the chlorine smell from drinking water.