LTIWET is Not just water treatment technology but Water Enhancement Technology using the specific ceramic beads ( “LTI Ceramic Beads”) which could change the structure of water thereby bringing so many benefits to the living on the earth.


LTIWET can remove scale or slime in water very efficiently so that it can save the cost of chemicals to clean up the cooling tower. The use of LTIWET can also extend the longevity of the pipes since LTIWET can remove scale and slime, and can restrain rust from building up. LTIWET protects cooling tower installations from adherence of scale, slime and sludge.


It promotes use of less water (35~50% less), less fertiliser (40~60% less), less pesticide (60~80% less) and results in greater harvest (15~30% up ), greater sugar concentration(15~20% up ) and soil remediation. LTIWET can provide the significant effects on the livestock industry including significantly reducing the mortality rate (from 18.5% to 5.3% in duck ranches) and improving the growth rate with less feed.


LTIWET has proven its effectiveness in preserving the purity and fragrance of fruits and vegetables. In the household, daily cooking, coffee, tea and beverage show improved taste and quality. LTIWET in the kitchen improves home water quality while preventing or removing scale and slime from sinks and drain-pipes. In addition, the LTIWET controls the generation of micro-organisms which can cause bad odors.